The giant piece of coal found by Boyd Tass after it washed up at Shoal Point.
The giant piece of coal found by Boyd Tass after it washed up at Shoal Point. Boyd Tass

Giant lump of coal washed up at Shoal Point 'just wrong'

UPDATE 5:13pm: A spokesperson for North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation said they undertook regular beach surveys in the vicinity of coal terminals with community members and a piece this size had never been found.

"A piece of coal that size could not have been processed through Hay Point or Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminals as it would not have fit through the train loader which transports the coal to the ship,” the spokesperson said.

"Typically, the coal exported via the terminals at Hay Point is approximately four centimetres in diameter.

"A lump of coal this size would not get transported by ship.”

INITIAL: HAVING lived at Shoal Point his whole life, Boyd Tass was left concerned after finding a giant piece of coal washed up on his beach.

The 39-year-old, who describes himself as a "bit of a greenie and environmentalist”, said while he was "pretty stoked” when he found it, coal "shouldn't be washing up anywhere in the Whitsundays”.

"If I can find this here, you have to wonder what's it doing to the ocean and the fish,” Mr Tass said.

"Initially, I thought it was a piece of black coral that washed up.

"But I took it to my neighbours and mates and they were the ones who confirmed it was a giant piece of coal.”

Mr Tass said he had ridden up and down the Shoal Point section of the coast his whole life yet had never found anything like this before.

When asked what he would do with the lump of coal now that he had it, Mr Tass was less sure.

"That's another big question, I don't know what to do with it,” he said.

"I'm definitely not going to burn it, I guess I'll just hold onto it for now.”

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation has been contacted for comment.