SEASONAL BLISS: Teilah, along with her daughter Summer (pictured above), hit the garden this week - carefully trying to avoid creepy crawlies.
SEASONAL BLISS: Teilah, along with her daughter Summer (pictured above), hit the garden this week - carefully trying to avoid creepy crawlies. Teilah McKelvey

GOING TO THERAPY: 'There is no shame in me saying it'

GUESS what?! I go to therapy. You know the kind, where you sit on a sofa with a specialist and talk about stuff that contributes to anxiety and depression.

It has taken me a lot to be comfortable with saying it out loud, but just like we go to a beautician to help pamper our face or doctors to fix our ailments, going to see a therapist is like a pamper session for what's on the inside.

There is no shame in me saying it, or for anyone else going. I'm not running around the front yard with my jocks on my head, I haven't changed as a mother, sister or friend, but I need guidance with learning ways to cope with some changes in life.

Now, why, you ask, am I declaring this here? Well, I figured if I am given the platform to speak about our adventures, then why not utilise this to just maybe reach someone who needs to hear it's OK?

No matter how alone you may feel, please know there are people out there who care and resources to build you back up again.

All it takes is for one person to show kindness and it's unbelievable the ripple effect it can have.

A dear friend recently took the plunge to shave her hair and raise funds for local mental health organisation headspace. It was wonderful to see so many people gathered in support of such an important facility in town and to also see the difference just ONE person can make. If we could all take the time to do one thing each day to spread kindness, imagine the difference it could make.

Now, I am not saying we all need to shave our heads, but simple gestures of offering someone a hand to carry their groceries to the car, a genuine compliment on how someone looks, or just being there when someone needs a chat.


City 2 country
City 2 country Teilah McKelvey

Most of you are probably sitting back going 'Gee, thanks for the heavy-hitting stuff, T, we came here for some light-hearted fluff'.

Well you should have seen Summer and I trying to garden during the week. Two girls who don't mind getting dirty but who jump 10-feet high at the sight of a spider is definitely a sight to behold.

Our garden has been left in ruins by the hot summer months, but spending time out there is one of the most relaxing tasks around the home for me.

An initiative called Garden Releaf believes "gardening and living greenery has been proven to improve not only a person's physical and mental health but also reduce stress and anxiety and build self-esteem". On April 14, many garden centres in Australia took part in activities to help raise funds and awareness about this in conjunction with beyondblue.

I personally love nothing more than taking off my shoes and feeling the earth beneath my feet, getting my hands dirty and praying that at least one thing I plant will actually survive.


City 2 country
City 2 country Teilah McKelvey

With the fresh autumn air bustling around, we ventured out to one of the most picturesque properties on the downs, Melrose Station, to enjoy the Killarney picnic day. I was surprised by the impressive turnout for the event and even more so by the calm and chilled vibe.

With children flying kites (which may or may not have nearly coat-hangered passers-by), delicious food, market stalls, breathtaking views of the mountains and cheerful country banter, the day was pure bliss. This was yet another sign of how a community can come together for a great cause.

The past few weeks have been spent settling back into the school routine, back to afternoons driving the Mum taxi to different sports and outings (I swear my kids have a better social life than me) and somehow trying to be mindful to keep things slow.

I'm a firm believer we shouldn't glorify busy but learn to embrace time and the power of the word 'no'. No to putting too much on our plates, no to doing things that don't bring joy, and saying 'yes' to things that bring happiness and calm. I can feel my inner hippie come out here, so I'll leave by asking you to always be kind, take time for self-care and enjoy your coffee hot.

Much love, T x