Trevor Calder enjoy a last bite.
Trevor Calder enjoy a last bite. Tessa Flemming

GREAT CATCH: Favourite fish and chip shop selling up

CHARCHY'S on Wood St is selling up, and owners Mandy and Adam Nesbitt are on the hunt for the next best burger artisan.

After three years, The Nesbitts are giving up the business, which was crowned Warwick's best burgers, to spend more time on other business ventures.

"Our long term goal has always been to refurbish and reestablish," Mrs Nesbitt said.

"Now that that mission's accomplished, we're looking at spending our time and effort on other things."

The move will signal the end of an era for the store, as it was formerly owned by Mrs Nesbitt's aunty and uncle, Gary and Joyce Lancaster.


ORDER'S UP: Adam Nesbitt, Charchy's On Westside owner was thrilled with the poll result.
Adam Nesbitt from Charchy's on Westside. Jonno Colfs

While Mrs Nesbitt's cousin still owns the Wood St complex, taking on the store had become a passion project for both Mrs and Mr Nesbitt.

"It was nice to bring it back to my aunty's standards," Mrs Nesbitt said.

"When the previous owners left, it was full of potential.

"I think my aunty would have been proud of what we've done with it."

Mrs Nesbitt says her and her husband are ideally looking for someone who can reinvigorate the store even more.

"We're looking for a husband and wife team or someone young," she said.

"Someone who has fresh ideas."

Mrs Nesbitt said change was welcome, even if that meant a change in menu.

"They can change the menu completely if they want but I can't see the sense in fixing what's not broken."