GOLD COUPLE: Bob and Lynn Bryson celebrated their gold wedding anniversary today.
GOLD COUPLE: Bob and Lynn Bryson celebrated their gold wedding anniversary today. Chris Lines

Hardworking Warwick couple celebrates 50 years of love

A PROMINENT Warwick couple are showing love can outlast the toughest of work stresses.

Lynn and Bob Bryson celebrated their gold wedding anniversary on Friday, having been married for 50 years.

"It is such a strange feeling, it feels like time has gone so quickly,” Bob said.

It was a classic case of young love in 1969 as the couple met as teenagers during a bush dance in Warwick.

"He asked me to dance and we went from there,” Lynn said.

In their years together the couple raised two children, Jeannine and Andrew, who Lynn said are their greatest achievement.

While looking after the children and balancing their marriage, the couple have both owned their own businesses, Bob with his panel and paint shop and Lynn with her now iconic Bryson's Place florist and gift store.

Even during such a momentous occasion, work does not stop for the pair, as Lynn tended to bouquets while Bob was off delivering them.

Lynn said the key to their marriage's longevity was their teamwork spirit.

"I always say to people, it's not me it's we,” she said.

The couple has always supported each other's endeavours as Bob recalled his wife helping him fix cars for his business.

"Lynn would come down and help me polish and clean the cars,” he said.

"Now I'm retired I do a lot of the housework and help out at her shop, when she cooks I do the washing up, that's what it's all about.”

While work sometimes added stress to the couple's half a century of marriage, Lynn said they always had each other's backs.

"During the hardest days, we have always been there for one another to talk through things,” she said.

"The key is sharing and caring, there's no 'I' in team.”