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Man sent former partner over 100 SMS in 14 hours

A DAD sent 107 SMSs, made 36 calls, left two voicemail messages and sent two images to his former partner - breaching a domestic violence order.

The 38-year-old was sentenced in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to three counts of breaching the order.

The court heard the order has six conditions including a no contact condition, unless that contact is in relation to the pair's children.

The man contacted the victim about their relationship, and not the children, on three separate days in June starting with one SMS and two calls she did not answer.

He then sent a further two SMSs two days later.

Then, over a 14-hour period on June 25, the man sent 104 SMSs, tried to call the victim 34 times, left voicemail messages and sent images.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said his client had worked for the same employer for 18 years and was now a manager.

He said the pair had been in a relationship for nine years prior to separating.

Acting magistrate Mark Morrow sentenced the man to an 11-month probation order. A conviction was recorded.