HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Iris Cantor celebrates her 102nd birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Iris Cantor celebrates her 102nd birthday. Barb Mapes

Here's to 102 great years and counting for Iris

IRIS Cantor has always been up for laugh and that hasn't changed as she starts her 103rd year of life.

A long-time lover of theatre, Mrs Cantor is still livening up every room she walks into and doesn't plan to take the big celebration too seriously.

"You've still got to put up with me,” she laughed.

Mrs Cantor, who was heavily involved in the choral society and Girls' Friendly Society plays over the years, said in another time she would have been thrilled to pursue the talent further.

"I loved that, I could have been something but it wasn't available to us in those days,” she said.

"Everything was so isolated then.”

Instead, Mrs Cantor injected that passion into running the family business, Joe Cantor's Menswear, where she stayed until it closed.

Mrs Cantor, who dropped out of school after her junior exam to work in the store, saw a great deal of change in the Warwick CBD during her years.

"Barnes was the main store and everything came there,” she said.

"Back then you couldn't get in a car and hop to Toowoomba, that trip took a couple of days.

"You just lived as you had to.”

She has lived long enough to see the introduction of sealed roads in Warwick and the opening of Cunninghams Gap, which made Brisbane accessible to Rose City residents, who relied previously on rail.

As to her tip for living past the age of 100, Mrs Cantor said it all came down to genetics and good fortune.

"My mum lived until she was 100 and my mother's side has always lived long lives,” she said.

"It's just healthy living with a bit of luck thrown in.”

Mrs Cantor enjoyed her 102nd birthday with her fellow Akooramak residents.