High chance of rainfall by weekend

RAIN is predicted across the Southern Downs by the end of the week, with a chance of up to 20mm in isolated areas.

According to Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Lauren Pattie, a low is set to develop overhead on Thursday evening, creating a high chance of showers over the region.

Ms Pattie said that if you were to draw a line from Warwick to Toowoomba, the areas to the east of that line have a greater chance of significant rainfall.

“Inglewood is probably as far west as will see rain, the further west you go the less the chance becomes,” she said.

“There may also be some thunderstorms on Saturday but they’re more likely to be around the range.

“It’s unlikely Warwick will see storms.”

Ms Pattie said it was difficult to predict how much rain will fall, but said there is a high chance of 1 - 5mm with a slimmer chance of falls between 10 - 20mm.

“It won’t be drought breaking, but it’s something,” she said.

According to Weatherzone, there is a slim chance the rain could continue into the following week, with 40 per cent chance of falls from Sunday to Tuesday.

The falls are unlikely to make much impact as they’re predicted to be less than 1mm each day.