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David Littleproud Nev Madsen

How Maranoa voted: electorate breakdown

LIBERAL member and current Agricultural minister David Littleproud had an impressive showing last Saturday as Maranoa's votes were counted.

Most polling booths saw Mr Littleproud facing off against One Nation member Rosemary Moulden as Labor had even further voting losses than 2016's election.

Despite One Nation's successes even they were down 2.8% on 2016's election as Mr Littleproud's already large margin gained a further 5.39%.

The Liberal-National Party won in every polling booth across Maranoa, with Nanango, Stanthorpe, and Warwick being some of the few places where Labor had any presence.

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Millmerran had the strongest One Nation showing with Mrs Moulden racking up 20.22% of the town's vote.

The town Eukey had the biggest divide, as the LNP, ALP, and One Nation all netted a decent portion of votes.

Elsewhere the minor party onslaught did not fare well, with the most successful of the bunch being Katter's Australian Party who had 4.44% of the vote, and the least being Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party who had 2.26% of the vote.

The Greens recorded 3.39% of the vote, and despite his huge advertising campaign Clive Palmer's United Palmer Party netted 3.7% of the vote.

Maranoa's status as a safe Liberal seat has been even further cemented the election results as Mr Littleproud's popularity with voters shows no signs of waning.