SLICE OF FRIENDSHIP: Joyce Fearby at the Border Division Jumpers and Jazz cake stall.
SLICE OF FRIENDSHIP: Joyce Fearby at the Border Division Jumpers and Jazz cake stall. Contributed

How you can help the QCWA help our drought-affected farmers

AS THE drought continues to have a severe impact on much of Queensland and NSW, there are a number of organisations who provide assistance. However much more is needed to get through this very tough time.

If you can spare a few dollars please consider donating to the QCWA Public Rural Crisis Fund.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and with QCWA you have the assurance that all the money donated goes to those who need it.

No administration fees are taken out of your donations.

With QCWA there are members all over the state who know their local areas and know who is in need, the donations are given to those who really need a hand.

Many people would like to donate to the drought relief but are concerned that the donations won't get to the farmers because some charities take out administration fees.

With QCWA you can be confident that every cent you donate goes to help someone. Even a few dollars here and there adds up.

Support is in the form of grocery vouchers, store credit or being able to pay some overdue accounts such as electricity, phone, doctor etc. Every dollar that is donated to QCWA goes directly to those in need. Vouchers and store credit or bills paid not only assists the person directly, the vouchers are then spent in the local towns and bills paid to local people.

Drought not only affects the farmers, it also impacts the rural townships, making it hard for businesses to keep going. With QCWA's way of providing assistance, everyone receives some help.

If you need assistance yourself or know someone who does, go to /publicruralcrisisfund or phone 3026 1220. All assistance given is kept strictly confidential.

Please do not hesitate to ask. There is money available for assistance.

As the state officers have travelled around the state to attend branch annual general meetings where possible, they have gained a real insight into just how tough the conditions are in many areas.

"It is hard to hear the hardship stories but we have been able to contact many mayors and ask them to spread the word about the Public Rural Crisis Fund,” state international officer Sara Faddy said.

"Application forms for assistance have been given out as we travel.”

If you need application forms they are available at the Condamine Valley Warwick and Stanthorpe rooms or else phone Jenny Whitsed on 46648083 or email Hand some around and help spread the word.

Meeting wrap up

BRANCH annual general meetings have been held. Thank you to all the members, particularly the outgoing office bearers. A big welcome to new office bearers.

For those who haven't held an office-bearing role before, don't be hesitant to ask the more experienced members for help.

QCWA is about friendship and helping each other.

Thank you to all who supported the Border Division Jumpers and Jazz cake stall. It was warm with friendship and laughter, the crowds at the market and the music.

Fun day out

Don't forget to get your tickets for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and the wine and cheese tasting for August 11 at Warwick Cinema.

Tickets are $15 and must be pre-sold.

The Division international afternoon will be held in the Condamine Valley Warwick rooms in Grafton St, Warwick, on Tuesday, August 14, at 1.30pm.

Admission is $5. This will be a look at all things German.