DEDICATION: Corvin Cooper and Adam Upton were awarded with Player Most Dedicated to Club and Team.
DEDICATION: Corvin Cooper and Adam Upton were awarded with Player Most Dedicated to Club and Team. Emma Dohle

'I don't play to get trophies': Saints celebrate season

Rugby League: Committed to going out on the field and wearing his jersey with pride every week, Corvin Cooper has been rewarded for his dedication to his club.

The Saints season came to it's culmination on Friday night, with the annual awards night at the Aussie. Player, coach and committee member Cooper received A-grade's Player of the Finals and Most Dedicated to Club and Team.

"I just go out each week and put 100 per cent into ever game, I don't like to leave anything behind,” he said.

"I don't play to get trophies, I play because I love it.

"I love playing for the club, I feel a lot of pride when I put on the jersey, especially this year being our centenary, I was really aware of all the fellas that played before me.”

A club would not function without those that work tirelessly behind the scenes, and Raelee Morris is no exception.

Awarded Clubperson of the Year, Morris has been volunteering for the club for three years.

This year, she wore many hats, including club registrar and bar manager.

"I also do random drug testing, I manage our Facebook and social media posts, I do a Wellness Wednesday initiative, and I travel with Majella to all our away games... but a whole bunch of us work together, it's a team effort,” Morris said.

"The St George rugby league community is pretty big and for me, it's a bit of a family legacy.

"My whole family is involved, and the club is an extension of our family.

"A special shoutout to Majella (Morris) though, more than anything I'm her offsider, the club wouldn't function well without her... between the two of us we get it done.”

Club awards

Raelee Morris - Best Club Person 2019

Tania Griinke - Greatly Appreciated Club Person

Most Improved

Ty Tattam - Most Improved, U16's

Scott Manning - Most Improved, Reserve Grade

Dan Bailey - Most Improved, A-grade

Best Back

Hayden Lawson - Best Back, U16's

Adam Parkes - Best Back, A-grade

Shaun Lacey - Best Back, Reserve Grade

Player of the Finals

Corvin Cooper - A-grade

Aaron Mitchell - Reserve Grade

Most Consistent

Robert Lamb - A-grade

Hayden Lawson - U16's

Coach's Award

Dominic Hiles - U16's

Highest Point Scorer

Brendan Saltner - A-grade

Most Dedicated Player

Kenny Weatherall - Reserve Grade

Players Player

Brandon Lang - Reserve Grade

Player Most Dedicated to Club & Team

Corvin Cooper - A-grade

Adam Upton - A-grade

Highest Representative Honours

Lockie Pollock - Reserve Grade

Best & Fairest

Sandon Dahlstrom - U16's

Lockie Pollock - Reserve Grade

Player of the Year

Bandon Lang - Reserve Grade

Rhyley Petfield - U16's