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'I woke up, I was being butchered'

A MAN accused of "butchering" his housemates appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday.

Eric Roger Frederick Heuer, 35, is facing a committal hearing on two charges of attempted murder, alleged to have occurred in Urangan on November 18, 2008.

One of the alleged victims, Robin Neville Drury, told a harrowing tale under cross examination yesterday.

Mr Drury said that on November 18, Mr Heuer cooked a late-night dinner for him and the other housemate, Rodney Michael Pettitt.

After dinner, Mr Drury said he went to bed, and then the court heard he woke up to a nightmare.

"I was being butchered" Mr Drury alleged.

He said he was being stabbed repeatedly, and after struggling to his feet and making it to the door in an effort to escape, he heard the following words, spoken clearly by his attacker with a chuckle in his voice:

"What are you doing you idiot?"

"You're not getting out - I've locked all the doors."

Mr Heuer is the man alleged to have made this attack and spoken those words.

Mr Pettitt then gave evidence, saying he was woken by his housemate's screams.

It was alleged Mr Pettitt saw Mr Drury being stabbed, before he himself came under attack and also suffered a stab wound to the liver.

Mr Pettitt said he tried to calm Mr Heuer down, asking "What's wrong mate"?

"He seemed a little bit mad," Mr Pettitt was said to have told police.

Yesterday's cross examinations were the beginning of Mr Heuer's committal hearing, in which Magistrate Tom Killeen will determine if there is sufficient evidence for him to stand trial in a higher court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michael Quirk tendered 32 statements from witnesses, along with over 20 exhibits.

These included a number of photos of Mr Drury and Mr Pettitt's injuries, along with a DVD recording which allegedly shows Mr Heuer on the beach in Urangan shortly after the alleged attack.

Constable David Murray, who attended the scene after the alleged attack, told the court he saw Mr Heuer kneeling in water with a rope around his neck, holding a knife.

Legal aid lawyer Jack Pappas said that further psychiatric assessment of his client might still be necessary, even though the case had spent the past three years before the Mental Health Court.

The committal hearing was adjourned yesterday and is scheduled to continue this morning in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.