GUILTY: A Stanthorpe man has been jailed for 10 counts of supplying dangerous drugs and other charges.
GUILTY: A Stanthorpe man has been jailed for 10 counts of supplying dangerous drugs and other charges. John Gass

Ice addict jailed for dealing drug that 'destroys families'

A "HOPELESS addict” who started using ice aged 15 was caught with messages on his phone that revealed he'd been supplying the drug to others.

Toby Leith Brown pleaded guilty at Warwick District Court to multiple charges including 10 counts of supplying and three counts of possessing dangerous drugs, as well as offences relating to stealing and driving while unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured.

Crown prosecutor Chontelle Farnsworth said the Stanthorpe man had been charged with supplying ice and marijuana while he was on parole.

The court heard Brown was pulled over by police in March last year, then a police search later that month at a Stanthorpe property uncovered ice, needles and a phone containing messages relating to drug supply.

Across May and June of 2017, Brown also filled up a stolen car with petrol twice and drove away without paying.

Judge Nathan Jarro said Brown's actions showed "complete disregard” for the law.

While it was Brown's first appearance in district court, Judge Jarro said Brown had a criminal history.

"It seems to me you like to steal things and use other people's property for your own convenience,” Judge Jarro said.

"You're youthful in the eyes of the law but you should be old enough now to realise your actions are pretty much foolish and irresponsible.”

Judge Jarro said it was one thing to take drugs, but another to supply them.

"Drugs, as you can appreciate, destroy individuals, they destroy families and they destroy communities,” he said.

In Brown's defence, lawyer David Jones said he was living close to the poverty line when the offences occurred and had a long-time drug addiction.

Brown had fended for himself since 14 and was sometimes homeless, Mr Jones said.

Brown, 22, had already spent 151 days in custody so he was sentenced to 18 months' jail and will be released on parole on June 24. He was disqualified from driving for three years.