Glitch allows banned patrons into pubs

QUEENSLAND'S ID scanning network, which detects when a banned person goes into a pub, prematurely cut notices for 116 banned people after a "technical issue".

The Queensland Police Service today said banned person information had expired between September 29 and November 22.

Two banned people were stopped by police within safe night precincts, but not in clubs, for offences during the period in which they were banned.

The QPS is responsible for the transfer of banned data to the ID scanner network.

A technical glitch allowed banned patrons through the doors of Queensland venues. Picture: Justin Brierty
A technical glitch allowed banned patrons through the doors of Queensland venues. Picture: Justin Brierty

"The issue has since been fixed and no further instances of premature expiry of banning notice data have occurred," QPS said in a statement today.

"As of December 5 there are 857 active banning notices on the QPS system.

"Any banning notice that had prematurely expired and was still relevant has since been reactivated.

"Risk based audits are being conducted to ensure the issue does not re-occur.

"The QPS will continue to review its processes and monitor the systems involved to ensure public safety."

Of the two people charged, one related to public nuisance and obstruct police. The other related to stealing.

Earlier this year in April, the QPS said it had failed to transfer nightclub banning notice data to other agencies because of "technical issues" in computer systems.

The issue in the QPS computer system affected the transfer of 133 court-ordered banning notices and 48 bail conditions for Safe Night Precincts between July and February. The issue related to the transfer of information to the ID scanner network managed by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

The network is meant to detect when a banned person attempts to enter a nightclub.

"All of the data has since been effectively transferred and police have conducted follow up investigations into instances identified in which banned people attended safe night precincts within the banning period," the QPS statement said at the time.

It was an administrative error and the orders weren't correctly uploaded but all venue and police bans were correctly in the system.