Named and shamed: Intoxicated motorists refuse to heed rules

MOTORISTS across the region continue to endanger not only their own lives, but those of all road users by driving while affected by alcohol or drugs.

The Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday dealt with a succession of offenders who pleaded guilty to getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

First to face Magistrate Graham Lee was Ellangowan man Bernard Neil Laffey.

The court heard the 75-year-old spent the afternoon of August 1 at the Royal Hotel in Leyburn and was stopped by police as he made his way home at 6.20pm.

He recorded a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.116.

Laffey, who the court heard would now have to hitchhike to town to collect his groceries, was disqualified from driving for three months and fined $550.

Next on the list was Paul John Curtis, who was driving on Killarney's streets on July 23.

The court heard the father of five had a reading of 0.105 when stopped by police at 8 that evening.

He pleaded guilty to drink-driving and was fined $600 and disqualified for three months.

Alcohol was not the drug of choice for the next offender, Edward Charles Blair.

The Warwick man was caught driving along Albion St on February 7, while under the influence of marijuana.

Blair, who appeared agitated during his time in the courtroom, told the court he had used the drug the night before.

The 41-year-old's lawyer said her client was a father of nine and used marijuana as a pain reliever.

He was fined $400 and disqualified for one month.

It will be three years before drink-driver, Michael Joseph Chatters, is able to get behind the wheel of a car again.

The Warwick man, who has a history of drink-driving, was already disqualified from driving by the court and over the limit when stopped by police in June.

He had a reading of 0.06.

During his court appearance Chatters conceded he should not have been driving, but said he was trying to get his diabetic father home to his medication.

He was fined $1500 and was disqualified for three years.

Finally, a woman accused of crashing her car into a pole and ploughing through closed gates while over the limit also appeared in court.