RESIDENTS on the Granite Belt and eager snowchasers have woken to a winter dream this morning as snowfall arrives.

Significant amounts of sleet have been reported in the Stanthorpe and Eukey areas, as the temperature drops to about 0 degrees.

Resident Samantha Wantling has been waking every hour to watch the winter spectacle unfold and said it certainly felt like snow could arrive at any moment.

"It is so cold and there has been a lot of sleet but it is snowing quite a lot now" she said.

"If this is a start to winter, what a cracking season it will be. It is a shame the sun has to come out today."

While snowchasers enjoy the icy conditions and the arrival of snowflakes, the weather event heralds the imminent arrival of a Granite Belt celebration.

"The timing of the snow is perfect with Snowflakes festival just around the corner," Mrs Wantling said.

Snowflakes in Stanthorpe is a biennial winter celebration on the Granite BElt, set to be celebrated this year from July 5.

Heavy snowfall has also been reported in Ben Lomond in northern New South Wales this morning.

With the arrival of snow on the Southern Downs, residents can expect an icy day ahead.

Warwick is set to climb to a maximum of just 13 degrees today, while snowchasers who have made it to the Stanthorpe area are looking at a cool 9 degree minimum