Joyride expensive lesson for boisterous neighbour

A LESSON in neighbourly etiquette came at a price for Warwick man Owen Roy Baker.

In the Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Baker pleaded guilty to four offences in relation to a noisy joyride in his second hand bush basher.

These included one count of driving an uninsured vehicle, driving without a licence, driving a vehicle that was unregistered and wilfully making excessive noise or smoke.

Police were first called to attend the young man's residence after numerous witnesses reported a noisy car driving up and down the nature strip near Batterham St on July 1.

When officers arrived on the scene at midday Baker, who had recently bought the second hand vehicle, told police "he could do whatever he liked on his own property."

Baker stated he did not think it was an offence if he drove the car on the grass to the side of the road.

The court also heard Baker intended to "do up" the car in the near future.

Magistrate Graham Lee said he did take the defendant's age, situation and criminal history into account before determining his sentence.

Baker was given multiple fines that totalled $1000 and his conviction was recorded.