THE fate of a Warwick man caught in a 'family feud' has been decided.
THE fate of a Warwick man caught in a 'family feud' has been decided. Andrew Black

Jury returns verdict on uncle accused of choking his nephew

A WARWICK man has been found not guilty of choking his nephew on a farming property at Glengallan.

Anthony James Willett walked away from the Warwick District Court yesterday afternoon after a jury of 12 people decided he did not, beyond reasonable doubt, choke his 29-year-old nephew, Michael Thomas Willett on April 6 last year.

While Anthony conceded during the trial there was "division” in the family, he said he did not choke his nephew.

The court heard Michael had arrived on Anthony's property to deliver a tractor to another uncle on the day the prosecution claimed the attack took place.

"I didn't want him on the place," Anthony said in cross examination on Wednesday.

"The family is a divided family, there is no mistaking that. But I have no reason to go after Michael Thomas Willett at all."

Defence lawyer James Cremin said there was an altercation in which Anthony fell on top of Michael, but he got up without touching his nephew.

The "bad blood", according to Crown Prosecutor Noel Needham, dated back to 2004 and related to the sale of a piggery and some farming equipment.

"It is more of a feeling of betrayal,” Anthony told the court.