(From left) Issy Sullivan, 11, with Lauren, 9, and Amy Ryan, 11, at the Stroll and Swing during Jumpers and Jazz 2019.
(From left) Issy Sullivan, 11, with Lauren, 9, and Amy Ryan, 11, at the Stroll and Swing during Jumpers and Jazz 2019. Elyse Wurm

Kind-hearted kids sell arty shoes, but not for their profit

THREE young girls who usually enjoy browsing the wares at the Suitcase Rummage were on the other side of the stall this morning but they weren't out to make a buck for their own pockets.

Amy Ryan, 11, had drawn artistic designs on shoes and her sister Lauren Ryan and friend Issy Sullivan went along to the market to help her sell them to passers-by.

All proceeds from the shoes were to be donated to LifeFlight and Southern Downs ARK.

The idea was sparked after Amy and Lauren's uncle required LifeFlight after a workplace injury, while a love for animals prompted the move to help ARK.

Amy, who goes to school at Freestone State School, initially started decorating shoes as an activity when friends came over, but then it morphed into a way to support causes she cared about.

"It probably encourages me more - it makes you feel good that it's going to animals and people,” she said.

The stall was set up after a suggestion from Warwick Art Gallery director Karina Devine, as Amy has been attended art classes with her for the past two years.

"Each term they pick a different thing, one week it might be realistic and then something else,” she said.

The shoes the girls were selling boasted a range of different decorations, from music notes to fruit and emojis.

Amy was even raking in a few requests for designs in different sizes, which she was only too happy to complete while she sat at the stall.

Sister Lauren said she helped Amy set up of the stall and she was proud of her big sister.

"Instead of doing something else she'll decorate the shoes to donate to charity,” Lauren said.

Friend Issy said she'd always liked going to the markets but it was fun to be able to sell something.

It made her happy to be able to contribute to a good cause.

While the stall was a once-off venture for now, the girls were already coming up with ideas for next year's Suitcase Rummage.

Tie-dye may be on the cards, but visitors may need to be patient to see what they've got in store.