Cypress Wode at The Greatest Shave
Cypress Wode at The Greatest Shave Chris Lines

Kind-hearted students step up to help survivors

WHEN the clippers ran over Lachlan Buckmaster's head in front of his entire school community, there was one man he had in his mind and heart.

The Warwick High student said he was inspired to do the World's Greatest Shave in honour of a former teacher who lost his battle with cancer in 2016.

"I used to attend Warwick West where the vice-principal Mr Higgins died from cancer,” he said.

"So I decided to sign up this year, because I think it is a good cause and a way to show support to the community.”

Lachlan was one of five students and two teachers who braved the shave for the cause at a school assembly last week.

Fellow shaver, teacher Ian Rowling, said he was proud to see the school embrace the event.

"My family, like many others, has been impacted on by cancer,” he said.

"I think the shave is a fantastic cause and I'm so proud our school supports it every year.”

Heavily-bearded teacher Justin Alley was met with roars of excitement from the students as he and his long hair approached the chair.

Some chose to keep the locks on their head and took on perhaps an even more brave challenge - a leg wax by fellow students.

This year's event has been the most successful the school has ever held, raising more than $3010 for the Leukaemia Foundation.