Labor’s land clearing laws depend on independents

THE fate of Queensland Government's land clearing laws rests with two Labor Party defectors and the speaker of the house.

The Labor Government needs crossbench support to pass any bill.

The LNP and two Katter's Australian Party MPs have vowed to oppose the government's proposed bill to restrict the amount of land being cleared in the state.

The government will need former Labor Party members Billy Gordon and Rob Pyne to tie the vote and speaker Peter Wellington to cast the deciding vote in their favour.

Changing land clearing laws was an election promise from the government designed to protect the environment.

Environment minister Steven Miles told the media on Monday the proposed law "does what's necessary to reduce land clearing rates".

The government released figures earlier this month stating tree clearing had doubled to 296,000ha every year since the former-LNP Government relaxed land clearing laws.

But KAP leader Robbie Katter said the bill would decide nothing less than the "fate of Queensland farming" and he would be urging Mr Gordon to vote against it.

"We can confirm we will be meeting with some of the crossbench to get them over the line on this bill, this is our last chance to save development in regional Australia," Mr Katter said.

"We are doing everything in our power to take a stand against the Government's draconian laws."

The LNP has dubbed the laws an "attack on farmers"

Shadow natural resources minister Andrew Cripps said the proposed laws would stop farmers being able manage their land.

"Managing vegetation on properties is essential to allow farmers to maintain enough pasture to feed their cattle and sheep, as is the small-scale removal of vegetation to build and maintain fences and the harvesting of fodder for starving livestock during drought," he said. - ARM NEWSDESK