Lisa Curry breaks down in the jungle.
Lisa Curry breaks down in the jungle. Channel Ten

Lisa Curry can't marry her fiance

LISA Curry says she can't get married to her Elvis impersonator fiance until she gets a divorce from Olympian ex Grant Kenny.

Despite splitting from the father of her three kids in 2008, the former sporting dream team are yet to officially divorce.

"I've got to find a dress; I've got to get a date; I've got to get a f***ing divorce," Curry told singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte on I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! of her future plans, referring to fiance Mark Tabone.

Lisa Curry breaks down in the jungle.
Lisa Curry breaks down in the jungle. Channel Ten

The pressure of more than four weeks in the South African jungle pushed Curry to breaking point with the three time Olympian consoled by Bassingthwaighte as she cried.

"I'm ready to pack my bags," she declared. "I was ready this morning. I was ready last week. I was ready in week two. I'm just not enjoying it. I've just had enough. The days are so frigging long. I have nothing to say to anyone, they're just not the same circle."

Later she added: "The whole thing has been really hard for me. I just feel like I'm worn down and I miss my group, my friends, my own tribe and conversation, which I don't have here and it is really hard.

Curry, 54, has forged a strong bond with Bassingthwaighte and beauty queen Tegan Martin, whom she joked she'd like to see as her "daughter-in-law" by setting her up with her son, Jett.

The sporting great's breakdown was a twist for the show in that Curry is usually the one helping others in crisis.

"I definitely know I wouldn't have been able to get through this whole thing without you here," Bassingthwaighte said of her close friend.

Receiving video messages from home lifted the mood in camp with Curry teary but smiling after hearing from Tabone and her three kids, Jett, Jaimi and Morgan.

Different personalities was what pushed Curry over the edge as she appeared to have a crack at whingeing Bachelor reality star Keira Maguire and former My Kitchen Rules contestant Ash Pollard.

"I have tried but I don't want to try with some people because I can see right through them. Celebrity is not like it used to be. Celebrity 10 or 20 years ago, it meant you had done something with substance and you were celebrated for what you did. These days all you've got to do is go on a reality TV show and you are a celebrity. And that sucks, it embarrasses me."

It was an emotional night in the jungle with all celebrities receiving video messages from their loved ones.

Lisa Curry says she is keen to go home.
Lisa Curry says she is keen to go home. Channel 10

Casey Donovan heard from mum Tracy and stepdad Norm while Nazeem Hussain heard from his mum, sister and wife and Kris Smith had a message from his parents in the UK.

Bassingthwaighte was also teary when she heard from husband Cam McGlinchey and their young kids Harper and Hendrix.

"Sweetheart you are on the home stretch," McGlinchey said. "We love you, we are so proud of you and we miss you so much. Can't wait to have you home, finish it off well though."

* The journalist is in South Africa as a guest of Channel Ten.