IN COURT: The Warwick man was found with
IN COURT: The Warwick man was found with

Man busted with stolen items, says he ‘found them in park’

A Warwick man who was busted with stolen power tools with $2000 has claimed he simply stumbled across them in a park.

Police raided Joshua Dewayne Oliver’s home on December 30 last year, where they located eight power tools reported stolen from the back of a ute the previous day.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard the items included a cordless blower, grinder, multi-tool, planner, reciprocating saw, a nailgun, and a battery.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the 40-year-old told investigators he found the power tools in a container in a park and decided to keep them for himself, rather than contact police or the owner.

Sgt Wiggan told the court he found Oliver’s story “difficult to believe”, though police found no evidence tying him to the original theft.

All items have since been returned to the owner.

Defence lawyer Clare Hine said the Warwick man had gone through a long and difficult period in his life, recently finding work after more than a decade of unemployment.

Ms Hine pushed for a period of supervision as punishment for her client, saying he was already overwhelmed by a “huge SPER debt” after numerous prior convictions.

Oliver pleaded guilty to one count of possessing tainted property.

He was placed on six months’ probation.


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