A man pleaded guilty at Warwick Magistrates Court to biting a police officer.
A man pleaded guilty at Warwick Magistrates Court to biting a police officer. File

Man jailed for biting Warwick cop during chase

A MAN has claimed he was withdrawing from ice when he bit a Warwick cop and bolted through yards to escape from officers.

Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday was told Harold Robert Harrison was chased by police on Albion St, struggling with the cops and jumping over fences to get away.

When he was arrested on that afternoon in February, Harrison bit an officer on the arm.

The court heard he also resisted when he was put in the watch-house cell.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to eight charges including one count of serious assault of a police officer by biting, two of trespass and five of obstructing police.

Lawyer Peter Sloane said Harrison did not drink alcohol because it did not agree with him, but had used marijuana from young age.

At the time of the chase he was coming down off ice and suffering bad migraines, Mr Sloane said.

The court heard Harrison had also suffered with mental health issues.

"It wasn't premeditated but he has issued an early plea,” Mr Sloane said.

"Since he's been in custody he's certainly cleaned up and in a much better state.”

Mr Sloane said Harrison had not committed violent offences in the past.

The court was told the bite did not break the skin and Harrison had spent 74 days in police custody since the offences.

Acting Magistrate Jason Schubert said while Harrison's bite did not come with the risk of transferring diseases, it was still a serious assault.

Police were already undertaking a job that could be difficult, Mr Schubert said.

"They should not be subject to any assaults whatsoever let alone being bitten,” he said.

Mr Schubert noted Harrison had spent along time in prison, but time behind bars was appropriate for the offence.

Harrison was sentenced to six months' jail, which Mr Schubert ordered to be suspended from yesterday for 15 months, due to the time already spent in custody.