Man outraged at anti-Muslim immigration pamphlets

A TOOWOOMBA man is outraged that pamphlets targeting Muslim refugees are being distributed in the car park of a busy Toowoomba shopping centre.

Travis, who didn't want his surname published for fear of retribution, returned to his car at the Kmart Plaza shopping centre when he saw a pamphlet on his car.

He said he was offended by the racist nature of the newsletter.

The diatribe rails against Muslim immigrants and suggests they should all be sent to a camp in Mina, Mecca. 

"If you live in Europe you better get a tent ready for yourself as you will need it. The next step is Muslim Europe and the do gooders can't even see it." the pamphlet reads.

"... the Muslim countries want the West drained financially & ready for Jihad..."

The radical anti-Muslim pamphlet rails against immigration.
The radical anti-Muslim pamphlet rails against immigration.

It also claims Muslim immigrants will supplant the native population of countries and reach a position of power, while calling for men to fight for their land.

The pamphlets were widely distributed throughout the area yesterday.

Travis, himself a Christian, said it was over the top.

"I think its very wrong to push your views onto someone without letting them make up their mind for themselves," he said.

Travis said the rhetoric reminded him of Pauline Hanson, which was worrying given the uneasiness in the community following the Paris terrorist attacks.

He said it was particularly dangerous given that there had been two arson attacks against the only mosque in Toowoomba this year alone.

"They're saying if we don't stop them Australia will become an Islamic country like that is the only  possible outcome from this.

"I'm worried that people are just getting one side of the story and making their mind up from that.

"A very small percentage of them are bad (terrorists) so people are now afraid and think they are all the same.

"I have seen people call Muslim people every name under the sun and they have never meet them at all .

"Normal families are trying to look for a better life and they are getting hated before they even walk in the door."

Travis said it was wrong that anyone with views different to the writers of the pamphlet were called non-Australian and told to leave or join them.

"I get asked if I'm Muslim all the time. I'm a Baptist.

"I just don't like treating people being treated like dirt for no reason."