A man abused cops he says shook the energy drinks he'd just bought.
A man abused cops he says shook the energy drinks he'd just bought. Natalie Slade

'Kill yourself': Man to cops who shook his energy drinks

A man told police they should kill themselves and he hoped they would, after they shook the energy drinks he had just picked up from IGA.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard Tyler Mark Lambert exploded in a rage after police spoke to him outside a Warwick home about 8.45pm on July 29.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the court Lambert, who did not have a licence at the time, became aggressive when police told him he could not get back behind the wheel.

Sergeant Wiggan said Lambert even attempted to drive again in front of police, despite "multiple warnings" to the contrary.

Sgt Wiggan said he was finally instructed to get out of the car after sitting in the driver's seat and starting the engine, with officers officers even offering to move the car for him.

"He said to police, 'You are fu--ing c---head c---s, go fu--ing kill yourself. I hope you do,'" Sergeant Wiggan said.

Police also found marijuana in a clipseal bag on Lambert, who told police he had just purchased it from another house.

Acting magistrate Rob Turra told the man he was "tempting fate" with his actions, particularly his "concerning" outburst toward police.

But Lambert told the court a different story behind the motivation for his tirade against cops.

"I was angry that night because (the police) shook all the drinks I just bought," Lambert told His Honour.

"They shook your drinks?" Mr Turra asked.

"Yeah, they shook them all up," Lambert replied.

Lambert pleaded guilty to unlicensed driving, possessing marijuana and public nuisance.

He was fined $700 and disqualified from driving for three months.