'Man-traps' accused must report to police twice a week

AN IPSWICH man accused of setting up "man-traps" at his own home with razor blades and other devices has been granted bail.

Former greyhound trainer Anthony Charles Hess, 44, from Camira, appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court when his lawyer made a written submission he be granted bail.

Hess is charged that he set man-traps at Pitman Court in Camira on March 20; attempted to injure by explosive/noxious substances; had no authority to possess explosives; possession of dangerous drugs; stealing; and receiving tainted property.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Dave Shelton submitted a series of photographs showing the devices and wiring.

He said this was found by police hanging down the side of a brick wall.

Hess told police he didn't know what the wires were.

Police believe the wires were to trigger an explosive device.

Sen-Const Shelton said if granted bail, police feared Hess posed a risk to the community.

One of the charges is likely to go before the Ipswich District Court.

The court heard the devices involved nails on a post, and razor blades on a roller door.

A lawyer for Hess said the device was not connected and not able to do anything.

Hess's lawyer supplied Magistrate Virginia Sturgess with an affidavit written by Hess, and a news story published some years ago about Hess.

In making her decision to grant Hess bail, Ms Sturgess said the things (devices) were obvious to the house residents with the pipe, razor blade and screws on top of a post.

She said it was a valid (defence argument) that the devices were not placed in public areas, like pathways or golf courses.

"It's a very odd set of circumstances. A significant feature is that this was placed in his own home," she said.

Bail was granted and Hess must report to police at Goodna twice a week. His case was adjourned to April.