IN THE MIX: Juliet Hills is ready to play the biggest set of her career, no guitar needed.
IN THE MIX: Juliet Hills is ready to play the biggest set of her career, no guitar needed. Contributed

Maryvale singer rocking the decks for national competition

THE resident singer of Maryvale Crown Hotel is in Brisbane today preparing for the biggest performance of her career, with an instrument she took up only six months ago.

Juliet Hills is one of 100 finalists from 3000 competitors in the Your Shot DJ competition who will compete for the top prize in Fortitude Valley this weekend.

Ms Hills described the process of learning to operate a DJ deck as one of blood, sweat and tears.

"I'm a self-taught musician, so the hardest part was learning the fundamentals of DJing, which are keeping in time and beat matching,” she said.

As a single mother of two, Ms Hills said finding time to practise and attend the competition meets also presented a challenge.

"They are all good when they are dancing along with me but when they start being stressed I am better off putting the headphones down,” she said.

"I would not have made it this far without the support of my family.”

Ms Hills has wanted to be a DJ from the first time she picked up a guitar but the need for extra equipment was always an inhibiting factor.

Citing Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain as her main influences, Ms Hills takes inspiration from both artists' brave self-expression.

"I was a loner during high school and both of those artists helped pull me through an emotionally turbulent time,” she said.

"They showed me how to be hungry as an artist and strive to share myself with people.”

Performing under the moniker Julżi Pariah, Ms Hills hopes her 25-minute DJ set will capture her essence as a performer and individual.

"There are things I have left out of the set which might have made it more clinical and technically correct but it would not have been me,” she said.

"I've been listening out for sections in the songs where I can sing, so I will be producing and mixing in my own vocals live.”

Ms Hills' set tomorrow night at Birdees Nightclub will be watched by hundreds of people, including other competitors, judges, nightclub owners and underground music prospectors.

"There were a lot of personal reasons which would have made it easy for me to miss the registration day,” she said.

"Now I am in the finals - so even if it is just me showing up and having a great time on the day it shows people should be putting themselves out there and having a go.”