Thrower Matthew Denny is aiming for the world championships in London.
Thrower Matthew Denny is aiming for the world championships in London. Gerard Walsh

Matt aims for London meet in August

ATHLETICS: Matthew Denny will try and milk the last drop of energy he has in a bid to qualify for August's IAAF World Championships in London.

Denny has four events left where he will try to produce a qualifying throw that will be enough to compete at the world championships in London from August 4-13.

The Allora thrower had been in Europe for a month trying to throw a qualifier but returned home early as fatigue was preventing him competing at peak level.

Denny returned home and has had a rest, albeit of only a couple of days, with he and coach Grahame Pitt coming up with a Plan B in the quest for a qualifying distance.

"He went over to Europe and did really well in his first competition but then, we're not too sure why, had a bit of fatigue and just lacked power,” Pitt said.

"He has come back and had a bit of a rest. He is going to try and go again.

"It is not uncommon. You can only hold a peak for a certain period of time.

"He has been at a fairly intense standard for nearly five months and, at the moment, his body is telling him to have a spell.”

Denny will push forward with his quest for a world championships qualifier though, preparing for four events over the next month in order to eclipse the distance needed to take on the world's best.

He will compete at the University of Queensland this weekend, the Gold Coast next week and then travel to Victoria for two competitions.

And while Denny is determined to qualify, he has a bigger event next year that is the main focus.

"We've just got to move forward, focus on what we need to do, which is qualify. However we do it, we've got to find a way,” Denny said in a video posted online as part of his role as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games athletics ambassador.

"Now we've set a plan and we're very confident that this should work and, if it doesn't it's not the end of the world.

"It might be the world championships, and we also have World University Games a month after the world championships, but everything is a bit of background noise leading up to the Commonwealth Games because you don't many chances to do a home Games.

"Everything is pretty much in preparation for the Commonwealth Games.”