OLYMPIC DEBUT: Matthew Denny  will compete in his qualifier in Rio tonight.
OLYMPIC DEBUT: Matthew Denny will compete in his qualifier in Rio tonight. Cameron Spencer

Matthew Denny not thrown by the buzz of Rio

ALLORA athlete Matthew Denny is happy with everything Olympic as he heads into discus qualifying tonight.

"He is happy with his form in training and enjoying life in the village," his mother Karen Denny said from Allora yesterday.

He received the same treatment as the Australian and United States basketballers: an extension to his bed for his long frame.

"Matthew is happy with the food and said there was a wonderful atmosphere in the village," she said.

He visited the stadium for the first time on Wednesday, Rio time.

Inside the stadium, he was photographed with Australian pole vaulter Kurtis Marschall, who, like Denny, is one of the young guns in the Australian athletics team.

"Matthew looked at the circle for the discus and described it as good and fast," she said.

The one thing he didn't do was compare the Rio circle with the one on the family property at Allora, which has words in the concrete like "never give up" and "Olympics, here I come".

The date of construction of his Allora circle is in the concrete for good and was five years to the day before he flew out to Florida for an Australian team training- camp in the run-up to Rio.

The Allora athlete hasn't appeared nervous in discussions with family and the reality is he feels comfortable being an Olympic athlete.

Group A in the field throw at 10.30pm (AEST) tonight, and Group B at 11.55pm.

While Denny didn't know what group he was in when he went to sleep in Rio, it is understood he will be in group B. He was keen to be in the second group and have more knowledge on what distance he would need to make the final.

The final is at 11.50pm Saturday. Distances in qualifying don't carry into the final, everyone starts again.