Media hurt at Rio 2016 as bus comes under attack

A BUS carrying certified media staff at the Rio Olympics has been hit by something - at first thought to be bullets - while travelling between arenas and the press centre.

Media reports from Rio suggest 12 passengers were on board including four Brazilians.

The rest were from elsewhere.

Rio Organising Committee spokesman Mario Andrada is expected to talk to reporters about the incident which occurred late on Tuesday in Deodoro.

Deodoro has notoriously high crime, where on Saturday a bullet was fired into the press centre.

Fairfax Media is reporting that officials claim the bus was hit by stones, not bullets.

A Turkish volunteer is understood to have suffered cuts from the shattering glass.

A spokesman for the Games told Fairfax the claims are now being investigated.

"We're looking into the facts of it," he said.

"There's no confirmation on any shooting incident and we wouldn't want to speculate.

"But there has been reports that one of the buses is damaged and we're looking into those reports."