RODEO QUEEN  2019: Who was crowned this year?
RODEO QUEEN 2019: Who was crowned this year? Tessa Flemming

MEET OUR QUEEN: Toowoomba rider wins Rodeo crown

IT'S NOT about the fame or attention for this year's Warwick Rodeo Queen winner.

In fact, Toowoomba rider Mikyla Hogno feels most at home on the saddle of her horse, Cooper.

Saturday night saw the avid barrel racer take the crown, and she can't wait for her royal duties to begin.

"I'm pretty excited, I know there will be a lot on and it will be busy and full-on but I'm sure it's going to be very rewarding," she said.


Mikyla Hogno
RODEO QUEEN: Mikyla Hogno takes the crown. Tessa Flemming

While Miss Hogno lives outside the area, her grandparents lived on Lyndhurst Lane their entire lives, and the rodeo queen has come to regard Warwick as a second home.

The 23-year-old has also been involved in rodeo ever since her teens, even competing in the High School Rodeo World Finals America, and she said she really appreciated how the sport let riders show off their skills.

"It's a faster speed, and people are less concerned with the way you look," she said.

"It's more of a prove yourself kind of sport."

As for what she hopes to do with the crown, Miss Hogno said she wanted to let the world know how great Warwick Rodeo was.

"In a lot of places, it's not promoted much, but by getting out there and giving some exposure, I hope I can promote the sport and area," she said.

"It just a family spirit, you may not live anywhere near these people, but when you need them they're still there for you."

Miss Hogno raised approximately $1700 in her quest efforts and $600 for Drought Angels.

Abigail Skaines
RODEO PRINCESS: Abigail Skaines took the title for Warwick Rodeo Princess 2019. Tessa Flemming


Meanwhile, just as deserving, Abigail Skaines took the title of Rodeo Princess for 2019.

Abigail previously ran in 2018 for Warwick Rodeo's junior cowgirl.