Daily News readers have mixed views on whether more funding is needed for the Eight Mile intersection.
Daily News readers have mixed views on whether more funding is needed for the Eight Mile intersection.

YOUR SAY: Mixed views on funding for the Eight Mile

THERE'S a push locally for more money for the Eight Mile Intersection, but not every local agrees it's needed.

Frustrated Warwick residents took to the Daily News Facebook yesterday, with many declaring nothing was wrong with the road and human error was the biggest trouble.

Several went on to say money could be better spent on other roads around the region, including the New England Hwy between Warwick and Stanthorpe.


Kellie Clark said she believed there was nothing wrong with the intersection.

"It's just stupid or ignorant and immature people not obeying the laws and rules," she wrote.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Warren Stidolph.

"You just pay attention and it's fine," he wrote.

"When people break the rules that's when people have accidents."

Frustrated motorists also shared stories of their experiences at the troubled intersection.

Reader Natasha Baker said it was quite clear who has stop, the speed limit was visible and there was plenty of warning for people to slow down.

"We were behind a lady on Sunday who went straight the stop sign," she wrote.

"It's like wow, how many people have died at this place and yet people are still driving like idiots,"

Despite some of the frustrated comments, some readers were still calling for funding and changes to the intersection.


Jacquelynne Rogers said it was confusing for everyday travellers.

" I have witnessed cars suddenly exiting when they realise they are going the wrong way - very dangerous," she wrote.

"A 60k speed limit certainly was not the answer - it just causes frustrated people to ride the tail of the vehicle in front." 

More funding would be wonderful, according to Michelle Wright.

"I will admit, the 60km zone there now has made a big difference," she wrote.

"If somebody flies out in front of you, you have a lot more chance of stopping at 60km's than at a higher speed."

Members of the Road Safety Group are also still pushing for funding and changes to the intersection.

Andrew Gale said people were often idiots on the road, which was the intersection needed to be fixed.

"Failing to stop deserves a hefty fine and a loss of points then licence - not a death sentence," he wrote.

"Fix the Eight Mile."


What else readers had to say:

Sandra Freeman-smith: If people just slowed down and obeyed the road rules it would be a whole lot safer.

Jack Barnes: Why would you spend even more money on an intersection like the 8 mile! People just need to concentrate more and read the signs that have all ready been put in place! If anything, I think it just needs to changed to a big round about with ease of clear vision if we do end up wasting more tax payer's money on this intersection!

Darryl Evans: Because it's more meetings and discussions looking busy achieving nothing at taxpayers expense all the while looking busy and getting paid.

Andy Galloway: Waste of bloody money! Spend the money on highway that needs it!

Ray Black: Put speed cameras in... get fined or obey the rules

Jody Ezzy: Agreed!! Nothing will stop stupidity! Look at the signs and obey them!!

Dion Kirkland: How hard is it? Really. Follow the signs just like every other road and intersection in Australia!!!