Rockhampton man Robert Martinez.
Rockhampton man Robert Martinez. Contributed

Murder trial: bad-smelling object size of basketball in bag

A HASTINGS Deering employee has told court about the time he came across a bad-smelling object in a plastic bag hidden in long grass that he was mowing.

Mark Hannant gave evidence in a double murder trial in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton where Ian Robert Armstrong and Daniel George Hong have pleaded not guilty to murdering Robert Martinez and Chantal Barnett.

Mr Hannant said as part of his employment at Hastings, he would mow the grass from time to time.

He said he had to wait a month after water subsided in 2013 before he could mow the grass near the lagoon.

Mr Hannant said he first found a purse, and then on another occasion, something in a disposable plastic bag "the size of a basketball" with dark hair or fur which had a "very bad smell".

He said he didn't look in the bag, only touched it with the tip of a whipper snipper, and just continued mowing.

Mr Hannant said when he returned at a later date, council had slashed the grass, and the bag was no longer there.