Mama's Circle member Kaylah Adams and her four-year-old son Noah.
Mama's Circle member Kaylah Adams and her four-year-old son Noah.

New and expectant mums invited to join the circle

A FORTNIGHTLY mum's group is available to all new and expecting mum's around the town, providing the opportunity to join the circle and share your own individual motherhood experiences.

The Mama's Circle parenting group aims to provide a supportive, non-judgemental environment where you can meet and interact with other mum's, build emotional resistance and strengthen your support networks.

Family Support Service Officer and one of Mama's Circle co-facilitators Lyndell Brown, said the idea of the group is to support mums and provide a safe space to share their experiences, whether that be parenting related or not.

"It's different to playgroup because the focus is specifically on the mums," Lyndell said.

"Expectant mums can come as early as they like, once they find out their pregnant."

"Mums can also bring their existing children if they wish," Lyndell said.

Mama's Circle member Kaylah Adams is due in three weeks with baby number two and explained the group as more than helpful.

"I also have a four-year-old son, Noah, so I am learning some skills with how to deal with him and a new baby as well," Kaylah said.

"It has also put me in touch with other local services if I need more help."

If a discussion isn't already planned for the group by the co-facilitators, Kaylah said the group will discuss anything of interest to them.

"Things like toilet training, introducing new siblings to each other, just whatever the group needs," Kaylah said.

Kaylah mentioned the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre doesn't only provide the Mama's Circle service, they also provide a large variety of services to the community also.

"They provide services for school aged children, for adults, they have a food bank, playgroups, all sorts of things that cater for everybody's needs, not just mum's and expectant mum's."

Kaylah encourages more mum's to come forward to try the group and join the close-knit community of mum's in the town.

"It's free, you get a great morning tea, the kids all play together and it's nice to link in with the other mum's and have some me time," she said.

The group runs fortnightly on Thursday's from 9.30am to 11.30am at the Granite Bell Neighbourhood Centre, with the next class scheduled for Thursday October 31.

Spaces are limited so please contact Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre on 4681 3777 for all injuries and referrals.