Overflowing: The Park Road Weir Bridge during the 2009 flood.
Overflowing: The Park Road Weir Bridge during the 2009 flood. Jenna Cairney

New foot bridge designed to keep school children alive

PLANS are afoot to build a new walking bridge across the Condamine River, west of the Park Road Weir.

The Southern Downs regional council put the job to tender and is keen to see what the private sector comes back with before it makes a decision on the cost and exact location of the bridge.

Mayor Tracy Dobie said the Southern Downs Road Safety Group called for the bridge in an effort to reduce the number of cyclists and pedestrians using the existing weir bridge.

"I'm not aware of any incidents recently but I do know that the foot bridge is too narrow,” she said.

"There is just a small, concrete lip between pedestrians and traffic.

"It doesn't have a proper safety barrier, it is dangerous and our goal is to fix these sorts of things when funding becomes available.”

When complete the 3m wide bridge will connect to the Queensland Government's Principal Cycle Network, which provides dedicated bike paths linking Warwick suburbs with the CBD and school precincts.

Cr Dobie said there was a rough estimate for what the council is prepared to spend but it must wait until civil engineers bid for the job before it knows for sure.

The council will pay for half the job and the Department of Main Roads and Transport will pay for remainder.

The tender asks for collapsible rails to prevent debris from catching during flood event and it will most likely be the same level as the existing bridge.