Jodie Locke shares a picture of the Condamine River at the Wallace St bridge.
Jodie Locke shares a picture of the Condamine River at the Wallace St bridge. Jodie Locke

New supply of Warwick water could be closer than you think

AS THE water supply on the Southern Downs continues to decline, an Emu Vale diviner said there was one source the council could tap tomorrow and it runs beneath our feet.

Mick Glasby said there was a wealth of water in the aquifers under Warwick.

"There is definitely enough water," he said.

"It is a wonder the council has not already done it because the aquifers are pretty good around here."

Mr Glasby has worked as a water diviner in the region for the past 30 years.

A water diviner is skilled in finding aquifers using a combination of geology and bush know-how.

He uses a forked willow branch to locate underground streams and has, in the past, claimed a 98 per cent success rate.

The best chances to find water would be along the Condamine River.

"You'd have to stay in the alluvium areas but there would still be good water down there," he said.

"The bore would tap underground streams but it is just about whether the council can find a good one.

"For the township you'd need three or four."

Mr Glasby said underground rivers running through Warwick were fed by ocean water from as far away as Papua New Guinea.

They are capable of producing an abundance of water each day and are potentially limitless.

"But you have to look after them," he said

"If an aquifer runs at about 10,000 litres a day and you try pump 20,000 litres it'll be dry in a couple in a weeks.

"But if you don't they can last much longer."

Mr Glasby learnt his craft from Tom Hildred.

"He came out to my property and showed me the ropes," he said.

"I walk around with a forked willow stick and it bends when it pings the water current running under the surface."

Whether the Southern Downs Regional Council is looking at bores as an alternative source of water is unknown at the moment.

The council will keep quiet on its plans until it votes for a raft of measures at a special meeting on Wednesday.

As of yesterday Leslie Dam was 7.3 per cent full, it holds about 7778 megalitres and has enough water to supply Warwick for another 17 months.

The last time Leslie Dam was this low was in October 2007 and its lowest recorded level was in 1986 when it dropped to 3.4 per cent.

A Sunwater spokeswoman said the dam could drop to 0.02 per cent before pumping ceases.

Connolly Dam is 45.8 per cent full, holding 1187 megalitres.

Storm King Dam is 42 per cent full, with 917 megalitres, or enough water to supply Stanthorpe for 10 months.