TUCKER TRUCK: Adam Nesbitt, will be the man in the van for Charchy's Smoko on the Go.
TUCKER TRUCK: Adam Nesbitt, will be the man in the van for Charchy's Smoko on the Go. Jonno Colfs

New wheels bringing the food to Warwick

ON THE back of the success of their takeaway venture Charchy's On Westside, owners Adam and Mandy Nesbitt are branching out, into Warwick's mobile food market.

The couple have bought themselves a food truck and are getting ready to launch Charchy's Smoko on the Go in the coming weeks.

Mr Nesbitt said the success of the shop meant they had needed to take a closer look at their options.

"Customers had mentioned we should get a food truck and that planted a seed for us,” he said.

"But the shop became so busy and with Mandy and her mum Shirley covering a lot of hours there, there wasn't time for Mandy to take on the truck as well.

"We had someone lined up to drive the truck and when that fell through we looked at our options again.

"When it's your business I guess you want to make sure that it's done right, so I decided to take on the responsibility myself.”

Finishing up his role as production operations manager at CSM, Mr Nesbitt, a qualified chef, can now focus on the couple's latest enterprise.

"It's really exciting,” he said. "It'll be full on, but I'm keen to get into something different.”

Pending permits, the van will pick a spot in the Warwick Industrial Estate for hungry early morning workers and after a restocking around 7am will head out to Warwick businesses to offer smoko and lunch.

Mr Nesbitt said the truck will stock a huge range from coffee, cold drinks, salads to burgers, pies, cakes and slices.

"We might even do a few different things throughout the year, like some soups and curries in winter.”

For more info or to get Charchy's Smoko on the Go to your workplace, phone Adam on 0424922432.