Torta Bella Cakes Warwick cake decorator cool cakes birthday cakes
Torta Bella Cakes Warwick cake decorator cool cakes birthday cakes Torta Bella Cakes

No 'whisks' in recommending cake mate, says baking legend

MATES are helping mates in the cake decorating industry, where one Warwick legend is helping another to grow by graciously passing on her customer base.

Story Book Cakes operator Karyn Mills is struggling to keep up with demand as she directs more and more of her energy into building her company's bake-at-home boutique mixes.

"We don't do as many cakes anymore,” Mrs Mills explained.

"So more enquiries are receiving that message saying we're unable to help them.”

But as the cake mixes grew in popularity Mrs Mills met full time mum Allanna Withers, who would purchase them to create her own baked magic for family and friends.

Mrs Mills said she was impressed by Ms Withers' quality, attention to detail and beautiful fondant work.

"She works really, really hard,” Mrs Mills said.

The enterprising businesswoman became something of a mentor to Ms Withers, who had baked creatively for years but never attempted to own her own business.

"Karyn has been been very supportive,” Ms Withers said.

"I can ask her questions about any of it and she's really helped me know what I needed to do to set everything up.”

And so Torta Bella Cakes was born, a cake decorating service that uses Story Book mixes to create everything from fun baby shower cakes to classic, multi-tiered wedding cakes.

"I always wanted to do it but I had kids and you just let it go,” Ms Withers said.

"I love being creative and the whole art of it.

"I think novelty cakes are my speciality.”

Despite Mrs Mills private support, it still came as a surprise when Story Book Cakes made a post on Facebook encouraging their clients to seek out Torta Bella for their cake decorating needs.

Ms Withers said she cried when reading the post.

"It's so lovely, it's so nice.

"I couldn't believe she did that.”

Torta Bella Cakes services the Darling Downs and Southern Downs areas and prices start at $90. The business caters for both clients wanting a professional cake to decorate themselves all the way to fully decorated themed cakes.

For more information please search Torta Bella Cakes on Facebook.