Numbers down by half at Warwick Cattle Sale

THE supply of stock reduced to almost half of the previous week's level for the last sale before the Christmas break.   Young cattle were in the largest numbers along with a short supply of cows.

A fair panel of feed and trade buyers was present plus a good line-up of restockers and onlookers.

Prices lifted further for young lightweight cattle returning to the paddock, while feed and trade classes sold to very strong demand, with improvements in places.

The few cows penned had strong support from restockers.

Vealer heifers to feed averaged 322c while local trade descriptions averaged 338c and made to 354.2c/kg.  

Most of the lightweight yearling steers to feed or restockers sold in the 350c range, with some to 366.2c/kg.

Medium weights to feed averaged 344c and made to 357.2c/kg.

Heavy weights to the trade averaged 240c, while the feeders averaged 333c and made to 346.2c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers returning to the paddock made to 326.2c to average 318c/kg.

The largest number of medium weights sold to feeder operators at 326c, with sales to 331.2c/kg.

Supplementary fed heavy weight yearling heifers to the trade made to 332.2c to average 219c/kg.

Plain condition cows to restockers averaged 228c and made to 230.2c/kg.