FAIL TRAIL: Jeremy Staples is cycling to Sydney and wants to hear about your creative failures on the way.
FAIL TRAIL: Jeremy Staples is cycling to Sydney and wants to hear about your creative failures on the way.

On the fail trail

FOR someone who is about to cycle from Brisbane to Sydney, stopping along the way to talk to crowds about his personal failures, Jeremy Staples is one very relaxed and happy man.

Along his journey, Mr Staples will be making a stop in Warwick.

Before getting into his story last week, Mr Staples apologised about the dodgy reception on the line.

"I'm on Russell Island in Moreton Bay, building a shipping container house," he said.

"The reception isn't great here but for an artist, the land prices are.

"I'm currently living in a camper van, just getting the place ready for the container to arrive.

"I'm a big fan of nature and permaculture gardening so this place is perfect, I'm surrounded by nature reserve on all sides so I'll never have neighbours and there's a daily passenger ferry across the bay to Brisbane."

As well as being an artist, Mr Staples is a regional live music advocate, cultural seed planter, storyteller, sustainability cyclist, Bizoo fanzine founder and says he's also a fan of an adventure and a bit of a risk taker.

"I've been asked to appear as a presenter at Failure:Lab, as part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney on May 28th, and I decided to make a project out of it and cycle down from Brisbane, on the way stopping at art galleries, including Warwick and talking to other creatives about failure," he said.

"It's a little overwhelming, 999km will be a mental and phyical challenge but I'm really excited about the journey.

"It's ingrained in everyone to be perfect from birth, so I want to create discussion about failure, that it's okay to fail and it's okay to talk about it.

"I'd encourage all artists and creative people to come along and share their stories, it's also a great opportunity to hear from other people and you might even find others have gone through the same things as you.

Mr Staples will be talking at the Warwick Art Gallery on Wednesday, May 4 from 5.30pm.

To secure a seat phone the gallery on 46610434.