EASY AS WALKING: Anne and Ian Coy love sharing their passion for dancing with the community.
EASY AS WALKING: Anne and Ian Coy love sharing their passion for dancing with the community. Deanna Millard

'One foot after another': Beloved dancer on bringing joy

FOR 35 years, Anne and Ian Coy have helped turn anyone with two left feet into graceful Fred Astaires, but it might have never happened if Anne's father hadn't introduced his five children to the joys of dance.

"We all had to learn and go to dance class,” Mrs Coy said.

"My dad always said it's a universal thing that you can go anywhere with.”

Indeed, it was at those dance classes that Anne met Ian and found a partner that could finally keep in time with her.

"We found we both thoroughly enjoyed dancing and the rest is history,” she said.

From there, the pair moved to Swan Creek in 1976 and within no time at all became faces of the Swan Creek Hall and prominent figures in the community due to their enthusiasm for dancing and patience to teach.

They continue to draw a hefty crowd for their classes on Tuesday evenings.

"We've had doctors and vets and butchers and excavators drivers,” Mrs Coy said.

"Some may take a bit but the slower ones are often quite good dancers.

"It's like learning to walk, just one foot after another.”

While Mrs Coy teaches residents how to dance for big occasions like weddings and debutante balls, her involvement in the behind-the-scenes is just as busy as she often lends a helping hand in dress alterations too.

For the dancer, being part of those days in whatever role she could be was her way to give back to the community she loved so dearly.

"I thoroughly enjoy it,” she said.

"I think it's beautiful, they're just such beautiful moments to be a part of.”

Even now, in drought, Mrs Coy's belief in the power dance to connect and bring smiles to Swan Creek residents hasn't faltered.

"Personally, the drought has really hit very hard, and it's really nice, to get away from home where it's always dirty and dusty, to spruce up and go down to the hall,” she said.

"At home, it's all doom and gloom and quite serious but down there everybody's happy and laughing.”

"It balances life out a little bit.”

Dance classes run at the Swan Creek Hall, otherwise known as the Swan Creek School of Arts, on Tuesdays from 7pm and cost $5 a person.