Steve Smith was clearly heartbroken in his press conference.
Steve Smith was clearly heartbroken in his press conference.

OUR SAY: A bit of perspective wouldn't go astray in scandal

A WEEK after I lambasted the Australian captain over the ball tampering incident in South Africa, I've changed my tune.  

Sure I still disagree with what happened on the third day of the third Test.

I still think there had to be penalties handed out to those involved.  

But I think that the past week has shown a disappointing amount of hysteria when there should have been common sense and good judgment.  

For a start, Cricket Australia's decision to rub the three players out of the side for a lengthy period was unnecessary.  

I don't think Steve Smith or Dave Warner are fit to be leaders of the team because of their actions and that should have been addressed.  

But we've seen many instances of ball tampering in recent years and none have evoked such a massive penalty.  

The International Cricket Council had already handed out punishments and in my view that was enough.  

I'm hoping each player will lodge an appeal.   

A year out of the game for Warner and Smith and nine months for Cameron Bancroft is beyond unreasonable when you consider the ICC's penalty was much more lenient for all involved.  

The cavalier attitude Smith displayed at the press conference when he confirmed the ball tampering has been replaced with real contrition.   

It's time we all showed some forgiveness and a sense of perspective on the matter.