Barry Hall has apologised for his vulgar comment.
Barry Hall has apologised for his vulgar comment.

OUR SAY: Why did the commentators laugh at Barry Hall?

AT FIRST I felt disgusted when I heard what AFL commentator Barry Hall said on live radio on Friday night.

I know it sounds lame, but those who want to know exactly what was said will need to go to Twitter - it's too inappropriate to be shared in a family newspaper.

Suffice to say that, in a conversation about a procedure carried out on a fellow commentator's pregnant wife, the comment was completely wrong and uncalled for.

That fellow commentator was Leigh Montagna and, after hearing the full conversation, I won't pretend he is completely blameless.

The worst part is that after Hall made his appalling remarks, there was no shocked silence or reproach from his fellow commentators - there was laughter.

I feel a sense of despair when it comes to this sorry story.

MORE COVERAGE: 'Utter disgust' at Hall's comments

I feel a small measure of sympathy for Hall, who is now a national disgrace.

I feel irritation that Montagna thought it was okay to share something so personal about his wife on live radio.

I'm angry that some will dismiss this as just locker room talk - already I've seen online commenters who say they have no issue with what was said by Hall.

To that I can only shake my head and wonder if some people truly have no standards.

Condemning Hall though isn't the answer - as a society we need to look at why some think this is a laughing matter.