RAIN ON THE DAY: Warwick could see the “perfect ingredients” form for a week of storms.
RAIN ON THE DAY: Warwick could see the “perfect ingredients” form for a week of storms.

‘Perfect ingredients’ for week of storms to hit Warwick

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Warwick and surrounds could be in for a week of wet weather with a chance some lucky residents could see up to 80mm.

Rainfall is expected to hit the region by today, beginning a week of damp conditions, according to Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Kimber Wong.

“It’s looking like a pretty good outlook, particularly over the next couple of days,” she said.

“It is difficult to give a range of totals but there is plenty of moisture in the atmosphere to see 10-25mm per day over the border region.

“If you are caught in a heavier storm, it’s not wrong to say you may see totals of 80mm or more.

“That’s a reasonably similar story as you head into Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so hopefully that’s some good news.”

A “slow moving” south-westerly trough and an “upper eastern trough” were the cause of the weather shift and Ms Wong said there was a potential for storm damage.

“It is the perfect ingredients for a storm formation,” she said.

“Sometimes thunderstorms can be a little hectic so keep an eye on updates.”

While the focus of rain was on the “working week”, chances for weekends storm were still about 30-40 per cent.

It comes as Applethorpe saw 9.8mm over the weekend.

It would also be a welcome chance to reach for Warwick’s mean March rainfall average of 66.3mm.

Despite rain, temperatures were still expected to be 2-3 degrees higher than a March average.

“It might seem counterintuitive with the rain but it’s expected to be quite warm for the next couple of days,” Ms Wong said.
“The north-easterly wind is still bringing in warm conditions with a maximum temperature around 30 degrees for the next few days.

“A March average is typically just under 28 degrees.”