ON THE MEND: Maggie the magpie from Warwick was found at Wickham Freight Lines.
ON THE MEND: Maggie the magpie from Warwick was found at Wickham Freight Lines.

Pet magpie befriends Wickham staff in week-long adventure

MAGGIE the magpie was found safe and sound after a series of adventures across Warwick, where she made new friends and toured Wickham Freight Lines.

The beloved bird moved from Port Macquarie to Warwick with the Vogler family, but flew the coup mere hours after they arrived.

A nest of neighbouring magpies chased Maggie off, and for days she scanned the skies of the Southern Downs, disoriented after the long, six hour drive north.

After an appeal for help by the Daily News, Jason Vogler received a series of calls from concerned residents who claimed to have seen his fair-feathered friend.

"When we went to check it out, it wasn't her," Jason said.

"But then we heard from Darcy on Facebook."

Darcy Minogue, an employee of Wickham Freight Lines, was lying on the grass in his backyard when Maggie approached him on Sunday afternoon.

"(Maggie) came right up to (Darcy) and he could see how tame she was, so he got some meat and came back out to feed her," Jason said.

"She was hopping all over him and so when he told us, that was a good sign."

Darcy sent Jason a series of videos, in which Jason could identify Maggie's oddly shaped feet which featured a broken toe and a "cute little limp".

But it was too late, Maggie had already moved on.

"We stayed in touch for a few days, and Darcy was keeping an eye out, but nothing really came of it until his workmates contacted him this morning," Jason said.

"(Darcy) had told the diesel fitters about Maggie, and when they turned up today they noticed a magpie hanging around.

"She went inside the office, and they realised she was really friendly, so we were called out to have a look."

Upon seeing Jason, Maggie flew into his arms, looking hungry, thirsty and "a bit bedraggled from being picked on".

"It was amazing," Jason said.

"She hopped straight on my arm, and she seemed happy with that."

Maggie is now resting at the Vogler family home, where the cats are fawning over her and a new fibreglass magpie has been installed, to ward away any hostile neighbours.

She will be contained for a few days until she can recover and get her bearings.