HOT PROPERTY: Fulchers Pies in Clifton is up for sale.
HOT PROPERTY: Fulchers Pies in Clifton is up for sale.

Pie'm outta here! Gourmet baker calls it quits

AFTER three decades of supplying gourmet pies to Clifton and the surrounding areas, Chad Fulcher will hang up his apron and call it a day.

It is sad news for pie lovers in the Darling Downs as Mr Fulcher's pie shop is the only place to buy a freshly made pie between Toowoomba and Warwick.

Each pie is made by hand, using old-fashioned techniques.

He rolls his own pastry and prepares fillings using recipes perfected over a lifetime in front of the ovens.

"No one makes pies like I do,” Mr Fulcher said.

"Quality wise, my ingredients are better.

"I measure all my spices by hand while most bakers' pie fillings come pre-packaged, with thickening agent in a bag, and they all taste the same.”

The business operated in various formats over the years.

For a time Mr Fulcher baked from home and supplied stores across the Darling Downs.

He has operated the pie shop on East St for the past five years and moved his baking operation on site about six months ago.

Now the whole thing is for sale.

For $380,000 prospective buyers can purchase the newly renovated bakery, including a Rotel oven, a 2.4m x 2.4m cold room, three industrial mixers, a pastry sheeter, cold and hot counter displays, baking trays and cooling ranks, and stainless steel benches.

Interestingly, the buyer will also pick up Mr Fulcher's antique pie stamp.

"They are unique things, they are about 80 years old and nobody uses them much,” he said.

"It's a different method of making pies, these days most people use self-cutting trays, or they buy their pastry in.”

While Mr Fulcher won't give up his recipes, he does have sound advice for the next generation.

"Get a good butcher, so you can get a consistent product,” he said.

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