DO’S AND DON’TS: Going for a picnic is one of the activities to be allowed after Friday.
DO’S AND DON’TS: Going for a picnic is one of the activities to be allowed after Friday.

Police warn to not ‘go crazy’ with eased restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions on certain activities are set to be relaxed in Queensland from midnight tonight.

But Warwick police have warned while some rules have been relaxed, life hasn’t gone back to normal.

Sergeant Ryan Harmer said those who blatantly take the relaxation too far could be punished.

“This weekend will probably be a teething situation where some genuinely might not know they are doing the wrong thing,” he said.

“But police have an interest in those who are blatantly contravening restrictions and have received sufficient warning will be dealt with.

“Everyone’s mainly doing the right thing, you can see it on the street, so why should the few be able to do it?”

Sgt Harmer said scenarios will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

“It’s not an excuse to go nuts, restrictions are there they’ve just changed slightly,” he said.

“There are more activities you can do but things haven’t returned to what they were three months ago and people need to be mindful of that.”

As Queensland has gone several days with zero new cases of COVID-19, the Premier made the decision to relax certain restrictions.

Things you can do

Residents will now be able to enjoy non-essential shopping trips, exercise, a picnic with their household, visit a national park, go for a recreational drive and use their boat, jetski or motorbike.

You may sit on a park bench and enjoy your lunch or a coffee.

These trips are not to exceed 50km and must only be done with a member of your household or if out as a single person you may be joined by one friend.

Those wishing to visit Leslie Dam are able to for recreational fishing and boating.

Things you can’t do

Pubs and restaurants remain closed for dining and drinking and council facilities such as libraries, playgrounds and pools will remain closed until further notice.

Home visits are restricted to just two visitors per household.

Don’t gather in large groups.

You cannot go camping or visit other cities. For example, those living in Warwick may not visit the Gold Coast for leisure and vice versa.

New restriction relaxations will be effective from 11.59pm tonight, May 1.