How do you think they're going?
How do you think they're going? Sophie Lester

SPEAK UP: Rate your council, take the poll

SHOULD Queensland council use polling data to gauge ratepayer satisfaction?

This was the question put forward by one resident, Shaun Cox, who posted in the Southern Downs Residents Action Group Facebook page.

"Was wondering if there is anyway we could do a poll , similar to state and federal polls with regard to approval and performance rating of councillors and the Mayor?," he wrote.

"Maybe give them a rattle before the next election to start listening or start looking elsewhere?"

Commenter Neil Bower questioned whether CEO David Keenan should also be added to any potential polling.

Has the Southern Downs Regional Council done enough to win your vote if an election was held tomorrow?

This poll ended on 20 August 2017.

Current Results

Yes, they're doing a great job


Yes, but only just


No, they haven't quite done enough yet


No, new council please


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Aaron Cox said there may be problems with such a survey.

"The big problem is that they will always have this opinion that anyone who complains has an anti council agenda and therefore the complainant either doesn't have the fact or... is just a troll," he wrote.

The Local Government Association of Queensland conducts a biennial community satisfaction survey, with the last being completed in 2015.

Last year, Southern Downs Regional Council introduced a new council performance assessment process to be done three times a year.

Using a traffic light assessment, similar to that used by the Queensland Treasury Corporation, the council assessed the development and adherence to items linked to the long-term strategy for the region.

This included achievement of the budget, corporate plan, and priorities. This first self-assessment process for April to July 2016 rated the council at 98.5%.