Tamara Lord and Candi Coonan of Nutri Hitt Raw Cake Shop. Picture: Ric Frearson
Tamara Lord and Candi Coonan of Nutri Hitt Raw Cake Shop. Picture: Ric Frearson

Cake company shuts down over $2000 bill

A WELL-KNOWN Brisbane cake maker has been left in tears after a Melbourne law firm won a court fight to wind-up the baking business over unpaid legal fees.

After five years in operation Albion's Nutri Hitt Raw Cake Shop was put in a court-enforced liquidation on December 10.

Tamara Lord, who gave birth to her first child recently, said she had intended to close the business prior to the liquidation.

The court action was launched by Melbourne-based Law Squared, which Ms Lord said was over an unpaid $2000 bill.

Ms Lord, who was heavily pregnant, said she was attempting to negotiate a payment plan with the firm.

"I would have liked to have closed with a bit more dignity," she said.

Ms Lord said unpaid bills after the closure of six businesses her store supplied left a big hole in her company.

"Catching up from that is tough as a small business," she said.

The young mother confirmed there were other creditors, but said the assets of the company would be enough to pay the final amount owed.

"I'm not closing and leaving everyone high and dry," she said.

"I've had it happen to me and I wouldn't let it happen to anyone else.

"I'll pay it out of my back pocket if I have to."

Nutri Hitt's Hudson Road store included a cafe and baked cakes and pastries for individuals or larger catering requirements.

"It's something I've worked hard at for the past five years," she said.

"It's the end of a chapter."

Ms Lord said customers who had paid for cakes would have their orders honoured.

Matthew Joiner of Cor Cordis has been appointed liquidator of the business.