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Power bill stress adds to unit owners’ frustration

IN A BIZARRE twist in the ongoing civil dispute linked to Ocean Resort Village, some of the unit owners claim they are exposed to hefty electricity bills, despite having an unoccupied property, because Ergon meter readers were denied access.

Maria Burgio, 83, who owns unit 30, was recently issued a $546.60 electricity bill, after the $200 rebate, even though her property is vacant.

Ms Burgio is among a number of unit owners engaged in an ongoing fight through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to obtain security fobs for the entry gate from former letting agent CL and EJ Pozzetti Pty Ltd.

Her daughter Lucy Alvaro said an estimate reading had been taken from the same period last year, but the unit had been rented out at that time.

"The amount of stress this … has caused my poor mother and myself is beyond words," Ms Alvaro said.

Garth Morgan, who owns units 13 and 19, said he had been told the Ergon meter reader had been "blocked from access(ing)" the site. He is also attempting to obtain a security fob.

Both of them, along with fellow unit owners John McNally and Lisa Zenz, received similar letters from Ergon Energy indicating they had been unable to access the meter reader.

The Daily Mercury attempted to contact CL and EJ Pozzetti Pty Ltd and Bosro Holdings, which is the caretaking company for Ocean Resort Village, for comment but did not receive a reply.